Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Boot Camp Revisited

Earlier in the summer my husband and I had the opportunity to get away for a few weeks. One f the perks of working remotely is that you can work anywhere and so we decided to spend a few weeks away in order to get a change in scenery. It was the first time in a long while that we had "alone time" without kids or interruptions from family and friends.

With the pandemic still going and having two teenagers in the house, it has limited the intimate time with my husband and the opportunities to do the more intense or kinky domination, which I enjoy and my husband craves. After we made plans to take the trip without the kids, it was no surprise to me when my husband asked if I would do a Boot Camp while we were away.  He was practically begging for it. It was an easy decision for me and he was like an excited kid when I told him that Boot Camp would indeed be in his future..

If you have not read my boot camp posts, the links are here:\

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I pretty much followed the same process and had the same rules in place as the last boot camp, with just a few changes here and there. This was the third time I've done Boot Camp with my husband over the last several years. I must say it gets even more fun and is more effective each time I do it. I went into this one much more sure of what I was doing and more confident in myself and so I was tougher and stricter then the last time. I made him serve me hand and foot for 4 days straight! 

One of the great things about the Boot Camp approach is that I go into it with the mindset that it is mostly fantasy. This makes it easy for me to step into a strict and demanding role and take things to a more extreme level than usual. The fantasy role play was something that helped me get comfortable with being dominant when I was first learning the ropes of WLM. Domination did not come naturally for me. At first it was weird but each time we did fantasy play, it became less weird and more fun. It did not take long for some of the fantasy to transition into our reality. Fast forward 20+ years later and fantasy play still helps me become a better dominant wife. For women starting out in a WLM/FLR whom dominance does not come naturally, I recommend experimenting with fantasy and role playing on a regular basis to build your confidence and get comfortable with dominance. For those in a mature WLM/FLR, fantasy play is a great way to spice things up and reinvigorate the exciting power dynamic.

Since I was more at ease going into this Boor Camp, I noticed more things. I noticed how easily aroused Thomas was at the littlest signs of authority from me. He really is wrapped around my finger! I noticed how he enjoyed and looked forward to the ritual of me putting on and taking off his collar and cuffs each time he left or came into the house. I also came to the realization that I can be harder and stricter with Thomas and it's not going to break him. In fact it does the opposite. He thrives in my dominance. Finally I realized how much fun it was having him at my beck and call every day, completely focused on me. All these discoveries were learning experiences for me that have already resulted in changes in how I am leading the WLM.

As with the last Boot Camp, new rules and expectations were set for Thomas coming out of this Boot Camp. I let him know that much of what went on during Boot Camp, was a glimpse into what his life will be like once the kids are out of the house, which is less than 2 years way. He was both excited and nervous at the thought. I told him that I've been too easy on him and that going forward, I was going to hold him to a higher standard and be more strict. For example, one new expectations that I set was that the dishes and kitchen needed to be cleaned immediately after dinner and not when he felt like it.   He agreed that I was being a little easy on him and seemed to be excited that I was going to run a tighter ship with him going forward.

During camp, Thomas wore a butt plug whenever we went out. I had not broke out the butt plug in a very long time. I forgot how submissive and weak he becomes when he is wearing a plug. It has a profound effect on him that I like and so I decided that the plug will be used on a frequent basis going forward. Since we've been back he's worn it at least once a week. I think he looks forward to being ordered to insert it prior to doing a task or errand for me.

So far I've stuck to my word, and have been more strict with him and have held him to a higher standard. Let's just say that he has been sent to the corner more than usual as he learns to adjust to the higher standards. It has been great for me. He is doing more things for me and the house is much cleaner and I am loving it. Thomas is also enjoying the tighter control. I've known for many years that submissive men crave and enjoy the strictness and tight control but it still seems crazy to me and it is wild to to see it in action.  I feel like this last Boot Camp elevated our WLM to a different level. 

To my fellow Goddesses, I recommend you give it a try. Use the links above to see my posts on what I did for Boot Camp and use that as your guide.  Create your own Boot Camp based on what appeals to you and what goals you want to accomplish during the Boot Camp. Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. It will be a great experience for both your husband and you.  

-Mz Kaylee


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Posting Comments Issue

I know there have been issues where comments are not posting. I have removed the moderation of comments in order to help alleviate the problem. However, it sounds like some people are still having the problem. When I google the issue specific to Blogger, I've found that the problem probably relates to cookie tracking. The default setting in Incognito Mode is "Block Third Party Cookies in Incognito".  If you go to Settings and then Privacy and Security and un-check that option, it may resolve the issue. If you do that you may want to also turn on "Clear cookies and site data when you exit Chrome." This option is in the same setting menu.  This will help maintain your privacy when you exit Chrome. Just a warning that this option applies to all your browsing, even in normal mode. It's not necessarily a bad thing to clear this information but if you are someone that relies on saved passwords,auto-sign in, and fill-in fields on websites, then that information will be cleared each time you exit Chrome. You will need to exit out of your browser for the settings to take effect.

Another option that helps is to post comments using a google account. The comments seem to work better with a google account vs. posting anonymous. You can create an anonymous google account for this. 

It is odd to me that sometimes the comments work and sometimes they don't. It's also odd to me that when I googled the issue, there were comments about it from years ago but yet this issue seems to have only started with my blog a few months ago. Sorry for the frustration this is causing some of you. It is very frustrating for me and I am considering switching to a different blogging platform. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

insight Into The Cuckolding Dynamic - A Real-life Experience

In this post, I am sharing an excerpt of an e-mail exchange I had with a fellow Goddess, Mary. Mary has been in a WLM for several years and not too long ago started to dabble with cuckolding. Cuckolding is not something I participate in and so I always enjoy hearing from Mary on how things are evolving with her and her husband with the cuckolding. I find the dynamic fascinating. I thought the excerpt below captured the real emotion and evolution that occurs in a cuckolding relationship and I thought it would be helpful for other to read and learn about. Super special thanks to Mary for giving me permission to publish some of her personal thoughts.  Enjoy!  -Kaylee

Excerpt from my e-mail from Mary:

What I did NOT realize and still am figuring out is that it (cuckolding) gave him deep emotions like nothing I have ever seen. I think it has surprised him as well.

At first it was more of a "this might be fun and he is okay with it". What has emerged is much more than that. First of all - yes! It is definitely fun. But the dicey area is how would this play out. I had half thought that this might be a "one and done" sort of thing. What I found is that instead of an angry or alienated husband (when I came home) - I found him super engaged, curious, nervous, shy, excited, embarrassed and who knows what else. He has talked to me about his emotions around this. He says it is unlike anything he has ever experienced in his entire life. He said it is deep, complicated and feels (as he put it) like "landing on Mars".

I have sort of "checked" his emotional state closely along the way. Again, my general expectation is I would need end this fairly quickly and that it would be "checked off" as a bit of out of the box fun - contemporary/modern day craziness. It was that. But it has become more. I think the way to say it is - I have learned to "involve him". I am not into "threesomes" with these two (at least not at this time it just does not appeal). I also have kept him very separate from my boyfriend. (I know that this may go differently with some women who are into this).
But for me it has been a total separation between husband and boyfriend - at least physically.

What I have learned is that there is something 'in this' for my husband. Honestly - I think he initially found that embarrassing - that it was "ok" with him. I think it makes him nervous but I also think that is part of the thrill. I also think it feels like the ultimate submission to him. It is like other things (forms of submission to me) but way more so. Humbling. I mean good god!

So, I have basically found (to my surprise) that the more I share with him the better. That does not mean that there is not a part of this that is totally between me and my boyfriend - there definitely is. However, I have found emotionally pulling my husband "in" before and after is a crazy and amazing thing. Before it is simple things - where we are going, will anyone else be there, what sort of venue, and me getting dressed - me "prepping" is a big deal. At first I did not get it. But now I realize it has become a "thing". He gets washed with emotions. Excitement, fear, embarrassment, lust, etc. etc. Kaylee, it is VERY wild to see. In the beginning I had to "reassure" a lot. - "it is okay" "I won't be gone that long", "you have things to do". Now that is different. Now that I see how it is and it has become more "normal" ("normal" maybe a stretch, lol!).

But the wildest part is when I return. Usually same night but not always. Kaylee, this is crazy. I don't totally know what is going on here. My husband and I have absolutely some of the best sex I have, ever, ever, ever, had when I return. It is usually pretty "role reversal submissive/dominant" kind of sex - but it is really, really, satisfying. He eats me like a starving man. Literally starving. He usually enjoys eating me. But this is like he is STARVING and literally cannot get enough. He would do it for hours and has come on the carpet while eating me like this! (without me laying a finger on him!!).

So - what this is? I don't know. I have learned to "share more". I had to learn that this was "good/ok". But it is. I literally tell him about it. All about it. It has become a "ritual" after I return.
Like the man WAITS for it. I did not totally get this at first. I sort of got it. But I am telling you - it is like a total "thing" for him.

There are two other things I realized. Him "liking this" (loving it?) does not mean it is not humiliating to him. I asked him about that quite directly. He cannot really explain it. He says he feels in a way it is "increasing" for him - meaning the excitement and the humiliation are blending and all one big emotional "thing". He CLEARLY is excited about it but also nervous, shy, embarrassed. Wild how it all is.

Lastly - some of our very, very, deepest emotional connections have been "afterwards". He literally clings to me and after we spend some time together it is like he wants to do all he can for me.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

It's Good to Say "No" Every Once In Awhile

Last week my husband wanted to go to the store to pick up a few things he needed in order to do some small projects around the house. Being the good boy that he is, when he was getting ready to leave he came to me to inform me of his plans and seek approval. It went something like this, "I am going to Lowes to pick up a few things for the house, ok?"

It's a regular question that he asks and my normal answer is 'yes.' This time, he was a bit taken about with my response.  I responded, "No, you are not going to Lowe's now." 

I said nothing more and he looked at me a little confused and finally asked, "is there something you need me to do for you?"

My response, "I just want you around the house now. I have a few things for you to do later. You will go to Lowe's when I say you can go to Lowe's."

In a quieter, feeble tone he responded, "Yes Goddess."

He got the message. I was exerting my control over him and it was my decision as to when he would go to Lowe's. His projects for the day would have to wait. 

For the rest of the day his demeanor was more submissive and attentive to my needs. I think deep down he liked that I did this I had nothing pressing for him to do. I just wanted to exert my power. It’s good to do that every now and then to remind them whose in charge. It’s also a good test to see how they respond. Any resistance, talk back, or even negative body language should be met with discipline or punishment. A good submissive always pleasantly obeys.

-Mz Kaylee


Friday, July 10, 2020

New Profiles

A few new profiles have been submitted recently so please be sure to read them. I enjoy reading through them and find that there is quite a bit of great advice and insights contained within the profiles. I find it reassuring when I read that others have similar experiences and challenges as me when it comes to WLM. When I was first learning about WLM, reading about what others did was a fantastic learning experience for me and also helped me to understand that it is a real thing and not just fantasy. 
I sincerely appreciate those of you who took the time to write a profile. Thank you! Thank you!

I encourage others who are currently in a WLM or FLR to submit profiles. When I did my profile, it actually felt good to think through my WLM and write it out. It's not something I talk about with friends and families so it is nice to be able to share here. As of the date of this post, I have published all profiles so if you sent me one and it is not published, please check the e-mail address below and resend it to me.

Profile Instructions.
I've created a profile template that asks various questions about your WLM/FLR. You don't have to answer all the questions and you only have to provide information that you are comfortable sharing. On the right side of my blog, if you page down you will see the list of profiles. The document in the list is the template that you can use. Copy the template into Word and respond to the questions. Send your completed template to me at and I will publish it.

I encourage all of you who are in a WLM/FLR to participate. Even if you do not comment and just read the posts, it would be great to get to know you and understand how your WLM/FLR works. If you do comment, please use the same name that you comment under. I will not post profiles under Anonymous but there is nothing stopping you from creating an anonymous name to share your profile without revealing your identity. I will keep e-mail addresses confidential.

I hope to hear from both our Female and male readers Female profile will be at the top of the list I really have to say why :) .


-Mz Kaylee.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What Can I do to Make Your Day Better?

"What can I do to make your day better?"

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

My husband has started to ask the above questions daily and sometimes he will ask more than once in a day. A year or so ago, I had made it a rule that he ask the first question every morning. This lasted for several months but overtime, it lost it's appeal and faded away. What impressed me this time is that he started to ask these questions on his own, without direction from me. Instead of just following a rule, he is sincerely inquiring about my needs. He wants to server me. He wants to make me happy and make my day better. It thrills me so much when he asks me these questions. Sometimes I will respond with a task for him to do or about how I want him to keep a good attitude and keep up with his chores and sometimes I will let him know that I have nothing at this time but will let him know if something comes up.

So many times submissive men are focused on how they can get their wife to be more strict and dominate with them and they are not even thinking about what they can do for her. It's ironic that submission is about serving another, yet a lot of submissives are focused on getting their wife to do things for them to satisfy their own pleasure. Guys - if you find yourself in that cycle of always wanting more domination from your wife, then it's time to flip your perspective and start asking her what you can do to please her or make her day better.  Asking the above questions is a way for you to show your appreciation and commitment to your wife and reinforce her dominance and authority over you. It has been refreshing for me to have my husband show he wants to serve me and it makes me feel like a real Goddess. When I feel that way, I enjoy the WLM even more and it gives me good reason to want to continue to exert my dominance over him. So you see, by asking what she wants, in the end, you get what you want.

Give it a try!

-Mz Kaylee

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Hi all.  There have not been many comments lately. I've discovered that if you are using incognito mode in Chrome, the comments do not always work. This was not a problem previously. I've published all comments so if you submitted something and it's not published, that is probably the issue. I sent feedback to blogger about this issue. If anyone know a workaround, please feel free to share via comments or e-mail me at  If you are having trouble with comments, you are welcome to send them via e-mail and I will figure out away to publish them. If you choose to send them to me via e-mail, please write them in a format that I can just copy and paste "as is" and let me know which name you want them published under.