Monday, April 6, 2020

Guest Posts

Just a reminder that you are welcome to submit a post to be published on this blog. The idea of a "Think Tank" is for people to share and discuss ideas, thoughts and opinions. That is what I want this blog to be in the context of a Wife Led Marriage (WLM) or Female Led Relationship (FLR). It is also enjoyable and helpful to hear real life experiences. A short post about a fun experience is a fantastic read and often inspires others to toward the lifestyle.

You are welcome to write on a topic or opinion of your choice. A few areas that I do not have experience with and would love to hear from others are chastity devices and strap-on play. You can write about an experience, how it makes you feel, why you do it/want to do it, advice to others, benefits of the activity, etc. Opinion topics (Why WLM is good, why are men submissive, etc.) are also good reads. Finally, please keep your post more "Informative" or "academic" and less focused on expicit sex (This is not a porn site).

Below are guidelines for writing and submitting a post. Also, don't forget you can submit a profile (see my 4/2 post on how to submit a profile). HAPPY WRITING!
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  • Any topic that supports WLM/FLR is welcome. I will not publish posts that criticize or talk negatively about WLM/FLR. My blog is not intended to be a debate on FLR. However, posts that discuss frustrations or challenges within the FLR are encouraged as these will lead to good discussions that we can all learn from.
  • Things that make a good post:
    • Stick to just a few key points or themes in your post. Too many topics and you can confuse readers and dilute the message your are trying to convey. You are welcome to submit multiple posts so don't feel you have to cover everything in one post
    • Provide specific examples. This helps people relate to the concepts your are writing about
    • Different things you can write about on your topic: Why is it important to you, how did you get started in it, how does it benefit (or not benefit) your relationship, what is the emotional impact to the relationship, and advice to readers. Feel free to pose questions to readers.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Rules and Routines

Like many others, we've both been working at home for several weeks now as a result of the pandemic. The kids are also doing virtual schooling. When it first started, we never imagined we'd still be home through the month of April and so there was not much of routine in house. We were all leisurely doing work, often sitting on the couch or in front of the TV. We slept in and stayed up late. When it became evident this was going to be a longer term situation, we realized things had to change. We had to get back to a more structured environment.

It was a challenge for me adapting to a new schedule. I had just gotten into a good 'life' routine where I was going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, and managing work and home life perfectly. Things were humming along good and then the pandemic happened. The gym closed and it's been hard to motivate myself to workout at home. Snacking has increased significantly at my house and so the healthy eating has gone out the window. It's been a challenge but one that I have learned to adapt to. I realized that I had to change some of my thinking and develop new routines and schedules to fit into this new environment. I've discovered that long walks and bike rides in the nearby woods are enjoyable and great exercise and stress relievers. I used to go to the gym early in the morning but at home I struggle to workout early in the morning. I've accepted that and changed my routines so that I sleep in a bit and do power walks in the afternoon, often times with my husband. When working, instead of plopping on the couch, I've set-up a work space in my dining room and I go there first thing in the morning and get to work. It feels more productive, more like work.

Our days are more structured now but still a bit out of the ordinary. Home and work blend together more now and I don't think that will change until I am back at work. It's actually nice in many ways. One of the better things is getting to spend more time with Thomas and the kids. It's less hectic not having to drive to and from work and being able to take care of the little things at home while also working.  Thomas is keeping up with his chores. In fact he's working a little harder because now there are double the dishes and he's constantly straightening up the house. With us being home, it's allowed me to keep a closer eye on him and even create some new rules and routines. We are spending more intimate time together and having fun with it all.

I am demanding more frequent massages from him, which often result in him pleasuring me afterward so that's been really nice. I tease him quite a bit throughout the day. I give him little rubs here and there when the kids are not nearby. He is loving that. I've started picking out which pairs of panties I want him to wear each day. A few times I have made him change to a new pair in the middle of the day just for fun. I've spent some time training him on how to fold my clothes properly. He's never been good with that. In the evenings, when I am not in the mood for a massage, I've started having him kneel in the bedroom while I get ready for bed. Then he kisses my feet right before I get into bed. In the mornings, he serves me coffee in bed. Finally, I have created a list of odd-ball projects for him to do around the house over the next few weeks. It's all things that I'm always thinking about doing but just never get around to such as organizing a closet, painting a room, or getting rid of old stuff in the basement and garage.

For those of you stuck at home, this is a great time to think about new rules and routines to incorporate into your WLM. With the extra time together, it is a great opportunity for training him to do things better and to your highest expectations. It's also a great time to indulge in pampering and experiment with kinky and fun things. If you don't have kids at home, he could literally be your slave for a few weeks. Might as well make the most out of the situation. If I did not have kids at home, I think I'd have him naked all day except for a collar and frilly panties :). Many of the new rules I put in place will disappear when this is all over. I am going to enjoy it while I can. Then it will be back to the old routines with a few new things mixed in.

I hope you all are adapting well to the new environment. Disruption is stressful and frustrating but in the end there is always good that comes from it. Take advantage of the extra time you have with each other and look for the opportunities to have fun and new joyful experiences.

-Mz Kaylee

Thursday, April 2, 2020

WLM/FLR Profiles

I hope everyone is staying well and not getting too stressed out over the pandemic. It will be nice when things get back to normal. In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to have you (the readers) create profiles of yourselves for others to read. The profiles are geared to those who are currently in a Wife Led Marriage(WLM) or a Female Led Relationship (FLR).  It's a great way for us to understand each others situation and learn from each other.

I've created a profile template that asks various questions about your WLM/FLR. You don't have to answer all the questions and you only have to provide information that you are comfortable sharing. On the right side of my blog, if you page down a bit you will see the template and a profile that I completed. If you are interested in participating, copy the template into Word and respond to the questions. Send your completed template to me at and I will publish it.

I encourage all of you who are in a WLM/FLR to participate. Even if you do not comment and just read the posts, it would be great to get to know you and understand how your WLM/FLR works. If you do comment, please use the same name that you comment under. I will not post profiles under Anonymous but there is nothing stopping you from creating an anonymous name to share your profile without revealing your identity. I will keep e-mail addresses confidential.

I hope to hear from both our Female and male readers.



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dealing With Uncertainty

I hope you are all doing well and avoiding the terrible virus that is going around. There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty, change, and unknown in the world right now. All these things create stress. It is times like these when we must support each other and help each other stay positive and relaxed.

In terms of your WLM, recognize that with this great uncertainty in the world you need to be flexible and supportive in your marriage, regardless of your position as sub or Domme. It is good to keep the WLM structure in place as structure helps keep things normal and reduces stress. However, if your partner is stressing out, it may be a time to relax that structure a bit. Stress can diminish the desire to be dominant and submissive.  If you are a dominant wife don't be afraid to tell your husband you need his support over the next few weeks and that he needs to step it up without being told what to do. If you are a submissive guy, support your wife and be her protector; if you are feeling stressed, communicate that to your wife so she knows how you feel.

On the flip side, for many of us, the situation presents opportunities. If you are both home, the opportunity exists to spend more time together and dive into the kinkier side of your WLM. Perhaps new rules and rituals can be put in place during your time of isolation. A good discipline or spanking session can be a wonderful stress reliever for both husband and wife. Some of those small house projects that have been sitting around for awhile can be done (by your husband). For the first few days after I was told to say home from work, I was a stressing over what was going to happen with work and school for the kids and so I was in no mood for anything. However, once I got past the initial stress I was able to relax, accept the situation, and then start to discover some of the positives with the situation. My husband and I are fortunate enough to have jobs where we can work from home so we are spending more time together. Of course the kids are home all day too so we have to work around them but we have been able to spend more intimate time together. We've also enjoyed family time together taking bike rides outside and playing board games and card games together. My kids are teenagers so I am thankful for the moments I get to spend together with them because it won't be long before they are out of the house for good.

Try not to stress over the things you can not control. Keep your eye on the future and know that this will soon pass. I hope you are all staying safe. For those of you who are health workers or public servants working on the "front lines," thank you for what you do. You are heroes. My thoughts are with you.

-Mz Kaylee

Friday, March 13, 2020

Final Thought on Orgasm Denial, Post-Orgasm Drop, and Ruined Orgasms

A topic that came up in the comments from the previous posts on orgasm denial was post-orgasm drop or what some people refer to as sub-drop. In the context of a WLM, this is the tired feeling that the husband gets immediately after an orgasm. He becomes extermely tired and disinterested in the wife and may even struggle with obedience and remainng submissive. It's no secret to women that most men are pretty much useless immediately after an orgasm. It is not pleasant for the women and many submissive guys also don't like that they struggle with their submission and obedience during this time. For some men it passes in just a few hours. For other men, it could have effects for several days.

The good news is that it is temporary. We need to recognize and accept that it is a natural side effect of orgasm. When a man orgasms, a rush of hormones are released that causes this effect. Sorry guys, I guess you just can't handle your orgasms:). Since it is a natural reaction, you get a free pass on this one. When my husband has an orgasm, I leave him be for a few days afterward to allow him to recover. This does not mean he can slack on his duties and chores. It is also not acceptable for him to give me attitude. He will be punished if he does.What it does mean is that I am not spouting off orders to him or being demanding and strict in those few days. I give him a few days to recover and refocus. Honestly, it is a nice break for me too!  Everyone is happier in the end.

It can become a problem if the husband takes too long to bounce back, has trouble gaining back the submissive feeling, or acts with a bad attitude toward the wife during the recovery period. Fortunately there are strategies that women can employ to minimize the effect of post-orgasm drop or to shorten the recovery time.

A popular strategy is to allow a ruined orgasm instead of a full blown orgasm. The wife does this by removing all pressure and friction from his cock as soon as the orgasm starts. For example, she strokes his cock and as soon as the orgasm starts she release his cock and watches as it twitches and spurts on it's own. If she gets really good at it, she releases his cock before the orgasm starts but at a point where he has gone over the edge and can not stop the orgasm from happening. The result is a ruined orgasm because without pressure he ejacutales but does not experience the pleasure of an orgasm and his orgasm is cut short. This is frustrating for the guy, especially since mentally his body is expecting to feel the pleasure from the orgasm. It sounds cruel (and can be) but there are benefits. A ruined orgasm relieves some of the mental and physical pressure from all that pent-up teasing and denial, which allows him to continue longer without a full orgasm. Also, with a ruined orgasm, there is not the full release of hormones and so it minimizes or eliminates the post orgasm drop. Many guys can actually remain horny after a ruined orgasm and therefore keep their submissive feeling. In fact, they may feel even more submissive from the power exchange of being prevented from having a full orgasm. There are many fun ways to initiate a ruined orgasm. See my post "The Art of The Ruined Orgasm" to learn more.

Another startegy that can be used is "Milking" the cum out of the male. This is very similar to the ruined orgasm. Typically the guy is on all fours and just like milking a cow, the wife pulls and squeezes the husband's cock and when he is about to cum, she releases it and lets the cum dribble out. When milking it is effective to push your fingers or a probe into his ass and massage his prostate. This helps push the cum out. The guy should be trained to relax his cock and not try for an orgasm but rather just let the cum dribble out. Some women milk their man on a regular basis to keep him in a steady state of arousal and submission without allowing a full orgasm. Milking has the same benefits of the ruined orgasm. It can also be an erotic rush for the guy to be treated like an animal and be denied the pleasure of an orgasm. Likewise women can get a power rush from milking a guy. I've never tried milking and would love to hear from those who have experience with the milking technique.

The above two techinques minimize or eliminate post-orgasm drop but they do not allow for a normal orgasm. If you want your guy to experience a full orgasm, there are some things your husband and you can do to help him rebound qucikly from the drop. Let's start with the husband. Guys, you have to take some responsiblity in getting over the drop as soon as possible. Some simple things that you can do are to get a good rest afterward and eat healthy. This will replenish the energy that you lost. The harder part is getting your mindset back into submissive mode. It is not uncommon for guys to lose interest in submision or even feel ashamed at some of the things they've done as part of their submission. They've been riding an erotic high for awhile and an orgasm suddenly deflates all the eroticism and clears their mind. This sudden change can cause regret. However, we all know that submissive guys are happiest under the control of a dominant woman and so the best thing to do is get them back into the submissive mindset as soon as possible.

This is where the woman can help but before I go there, let's talk about a few more things the guy shuold do. Fist he needs to be mentally strong and not slack off on his responsibities and chores just because he is not feeling submissive. Some things in life are hard. You've got to take the good with the bad so tough it out for a few days guys!! Suck it up and do your chores without complaining. Another strategy guys can try is a ritual to refresh and refocus the mind. Deep breathing to clear the mind, repeating a mantra, or kneeling are things that can help guys reset and rebound quickly from the drop. Rituals and meditation are great for restting and refocusing the mind. I encourage all guys to try these even if it is not required by your wife.

Immediately after the orgasm, I recommend the wife allow the husband time to relax on his own and recover. This is where orgasm control is important. Through OC the wife can ensure the husband orgasms during or after her orgasm so that she does not end up being disappointed at his lack of performance if he orgasms before her. She only allows him to orgasm when she is ready to be done with him. This way she can leave him alone to recover. Ever since we started our WLM, Thomas has never had an orgasm before me. It's been wonderful! I also recommend that she use the next few days after the orgasm for rebuilding his submissive desires. Men are easily seduced into submission when they are aroused so she can rebuild his submission by teasing and edging him and by gently playing into his fetishes. It may take longer to get his arousal going but you'll get him there eventually and once he feels those wonderful pleasures, bye-bye regret and shame. In the previous sentence I purposely used the word "gently" because often times a guy's fetish can become unappealing immediately after an orgasm. However if you give him some recovery time and then start to do a few "teasers" with his fetish, he will quickly be under your spell again.

Admittedly, what I described above is a gentle way to handle the post-orgasm drop. Some women may prefer to be more harsh and demanding and will force their guy to tough it out and fight through the feelings of uninterest and tiredness. Women who have sadistic tendicies and will enjoy seeing their husbadn experience the suffering of fighting through the drop. That is certainly a strategy that can be used. It's just not one that I prefer.  If you are someone that takes a more demanding approach, I would love to hear about your experiences with it. Please feel free to comment on the post with your thoughts.

I'll end this post with one final thuoght about OC. Keep in mind that orgasm denial is only half the equation of OC. The other half is orgasm permission.  In the last post Lora commented, "It's not about how long he should be denied but rather the results." That is a succinct way to describe the goal of orgasm control. OC is a way for the wife to keep the husband in an obedient and submissive state of mind. How it is applied varies depending on the couple. For my husband and I, long-term denial and unpredictable orgasm approval works great. I have heard from other couples where they establish a pre-determined date for orgasm release and other couples have a regular orgasm schedule and that works great for them. You should do what works best for you and also be open to the idea that it could change over time as you become more experienced with denial and as your desires change. If you are new to OC then experiment with different approaches and have fun.

-Mz Kaylee

Sunday, March 1, 2020

How Long Should Orgasm Denial Last?

Judging by the many comments in the last post, I’d say orgasm denial is a popular topic. Given the interest, I thought it was worthwhile to do another post on the topic to highlight some of the themes from the comments and address a few questions that were raised. For my wonderful Goddess Female readers, I highly recommend that you read through the comments in the last post. There is a lot that you can learn from what the guys commented on, about how orgasm denial affects them. It's great insights into the submissive mind.

To start with, it was reaffirming to me to see that the males who commented expressed how much they enjoy orgasm denial. I appreciate all your input as it helps support the information and advice that I post. In addition, to enjoying the pleasure of being teased and denied, it was noted that being denied regularly helps keeps submissive men in an obedient and submissive state of mind. This is true and a great benefit of orgasm denial. I want to point out that orgasm denial is part of a broader concept of orgasm control (OC). OC is about putting the wife in control of when and how the husband orgasms. This gives her incredible power over the husband and keeps him focused on her. I have written more about orgasm control in this post from June 2016:

Permanent Denial?
That brings me to the topic of this post: ‘How long should orgasm denial last?” I landed on this topic because there was some discussion in the comments of the last post alluding to permanent orgasm denial and whether or not the male really needs to orgasm. My position on this is that, Yes, the male needs to orgasm on occasion. There are a few reasons for this. First, I think it is healthy for males to ejaculate every now and then. I’m not a doctor so that’s just my opinion on the physical health. However, I do know that for some guys, it is important to have that release for mental health. Many guys have reported that they get irritable, angry, or depressed with long-term denial. In the comments on the last post Philip shared an experience about this. My husband often becomes annoying with extended denial periods because his hormones run wild and he can not leave me alone. That is when I know it’s time to allow an orgasm for him.

The wife needs to be aware of these signs and monitor their husband’s behavior and attitude to determine if his mental stability is being affected by the denial.  Relief needs to be provided before he explodes with anger or depression. This reminds me of the movies, when you see someone watching a pressure gauge that slowly rises and hits the red mark. Then everything starts to rattle and shake under the pressure and then inevitably there is an explosion. Yikes!  We don’t want any explosions!

The submissive also has a responsibility to communicate to his wife if he is feeling too much pressure and having negative feelings. Joan discussed this in her comments in the last post. This is tricky as denial is a bit of a game and the wife is often pushing limits and challenging the husband’s desire to orgasm. For this reason, guys only should bring this to the wife when they feel the denial is having a material negative effect on them. Otherwise they are undermining the trust in the relationship. If the guy is sincere and honest in how he feels, the wife should accept what he is saying and come up with a plan to address the issue.

Another reason that men should not be permanently denied, is that (in my opinion) permanent denial reduces the wife’s power and control and takes away the excitement of tease and denial. If the husband knows there is no possibility of cumming, then what motivation is there for him obey her? Allowing an orgasm is a big reward for men and when they have hope that their obedience and servitude will eventually lead to an orgasm, it keeps them motivated.  Additionally, part of the fun in teasing and denial, is keeping him wondering when his orgasm will happen.

One final thought against permanent denial is that I believe all married couples should experience mutual orgasms during sex every now and then down. It’s intimate and almost spiritual when that happens. I know some dominant women forbid their husbands from having intercourse with them. I respect that approach and understand that it can be an exciting power dynamic, but I do think they are missing out on something very special.

Length of Denial
Now that I ruled out permanent denial, let’s move on to the question of how long should denial last. The answer varies and depends on several factors, including: the wife’s desires, the husband’s tolerance for denial, and what the wife wants to accomplish with denial. 

With OC, the wife ultimately decides when the husband can orgasm. Her desires are what matter most.  Some women enjoy seeing their husband have an orgasm and enjoy feeling him orgasm during sex. If that is what she desires, then short-term denial probably works best. Even if the wife wants her husband to orgasm every time during sex, she can still practice OC. She does this by requiring him to always ask for permission to orgasm or telling him he is not allowed to orgasm until she gives permission. So while he knows he will ultimately orgasm, he has no idea of the exact moment.  It is very powerful when a wife commands ‘cum for me’ and the husband instantly explodes into orgasm. She also practices OC by forbidding him from masturbating to orgasm at any time, unless she gives permission to do so.  She can also employ denial through teasing. She can tease him over and over to the edge of orgasm and he has no idea when she will finally allow him to orgasm. Some of my most fun and intense sessions with Thomas have been when I’ve teased him endlessly and then suddenly allowed him to orgasm.

While there are some women the enjoy seeing their husband orgasm, other women have little desire for it. In fact, many women don’t like the sticky mess so they are more than happy to incorporate denial into their routine. For these women, medium ( 1 – 4 weeks) denial or long-term denial (1+ months) can work well.

The husband’s tolerance for denial also needs to be considered when deciding how long denial should last. When it comes to long-term denial, not all men are created equal. Some can deal with it and for some men it makes them go off the rails. A man’s tolerance can change over time.  His age, libido, and experience with denial affect his tolerance. Younger men tend to have a much higher libido and need for orgasm and so medium and long-term denial may be too big of a challenge for them. Trying longer term denial with younger guys or guys with is high sex drive often leads to accidental orgasms or may result in irritability, stress, and anger.  Older men tend to have lower libidos and can usually handle longer term denial. For many older men, orgasm denial helps increase their libido and so they love it.

Regardless of age, most men can not handle long-term denial right from the beginning. It usually takes lots of practice and training for a boy to build up the tolerance to be denied long-term. From my experiences and from what I have heard from others, most people start off with short-term denial (a few days) and the progress slowly to long term denial (1+ months).  I would imagine the most guys new to orgasm denial would not even fathom going 2+ weeks without an orgasm. The interesting thing about orgasm teasing and denial is that it can easily turn into an addiction for both husband and wife. As the wife realizes increasing power and control through the use of OC, as well the joy of being pampered and pleasured without having to worry about the husband having an orgasm, it becomes more exciting for her and the addiction grows. Likewise the addiction grows for the husband when he discovers the intense pleasure of being edged and when he experiences the wonderful submissive emotions from being subject to OC.  

Ironically, the more he experiences the desperation to orgasm, the more he craves the denial. In the beginning it may be inconceivable to the guy to be denied orgasm for several days in a row. He may even be resistant to the idea. However, when pushed and challenged by the wife to go longer, it creates a thrilling dynamic and that’s when many guys suddenly understand the joy of denial and begin to develop an addiction to it. It is not uncommon for guys experienced with orgasm denial, who have learned to control their orgasm, to want to go for very long periods of denial and to even be disappointed when they are allowed to orgasm because they are enjoying the thrill of denial so much. Even though they are begging to orgasm, deep down they want to hear their wife say 'no', and they love the erotic high they are getting from being denied. Therefore, if you are a Female experimenting with denying your husband, do not be afraid to push the limits with denial.  That is part of the excitement for the guy.

On the flip side, I do not like to let Thomas get too comfortable with his denial. I typically allow him an orgasm once every 2 -3 months. Sometimes it's shorter and sometimes it's longer. Guys that are kept on a long-term denial schedule can forget about the pleasure of having regular orgasms and so it becomes easy for them to handle orgasm denial. When this happens, they gain a bit of control in the relationship. Ladies, we can't let that happen! When I feel that Thomas has mastered the long-term denial and that it is becoming easy or routine for him, I will switch it up. I will unexpectedly switch to short-term denial, allowing him to orgasm a few weeks in a row or maybe even twice in a week. Now suddenly he is enjoying the new routine and remembering the joy and pleasure of regular orgasms. I only let it last for a few weeks and then I switch back to long-term denial. He of course, does not know when I will make the switch. This keeps him guessing on when the next orgasm will be. It's a total mind fuck for him. After the period of short-term denial, it becomes a challenge again for him to go long-term. I have now gained back that little bit of control that slipped away previously. 

Another factor that affects the length of denial is what the wife wants to accomplish with the denial. There are many things that denial can be used for. It can be used for punishment. Extending the length of denial can be an effective punishment. It can be used for motivation by shortening the denial by giving the husband the opportunity to orgasm if he is good or after he completes certain tasks. Even offering an intense teasing and denial session without orgasm is a motivator for guys. I know Thomas would love a session like that. Denial can also be used to keep the husband in a constant submissive and obedient state of mind which is a key premise behind 24/7 orgasm control. When used for this purpose, the length of denial will vary based on the other two variables mentioned above (wife’s desire and husband’s tolerance of denial).  Let’s also not forget that denial can be used just for fun and amusement of the wife.

In the end, when it comes to OC and length of denial, the couple has to do what works best for them. I have more thoughts related to orgasm denial and will write more about it in my next post.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Thrill of Orgasm Denial

"You are a pro a teasing. You've gotten too good at it." Those were the words that Thomas said to me last week, the day after an intense teasing and denial session. He was right of course. I have mastered the art of  teasing and denying him orgasm. Thomas has told me that he no longer can predict when I will allow him an orgasm.  In the early years of our WLM, he never knew for certain when I would allow an orgasm but he could often predict when I would cave in and allow it (at least that is what he told me).

That was then. Now I'm sterner and have no qualms about denying him orgasm for months at a time, even if he is begging for an orgasm. I have learned that he gets excited and more aroused when I tell him 'no." I know now that one of his greatest thrills is giving me an orgasm while he is denied. For him, the mind fuck of being denied is often better then the pleasure of an orgasm. As I began to understand that dynamic, I started enjoying the power of denial.  I absolutely love using him for my orgasm and then immediately tossing him aside and giving him no more attention. I get a thrill out of it but my thrill is driven by the knowledge that he is even more excited and aroused from it.

When I am teasing his cock and he begs for orgasm, I have fun telling him no. It is exciting for me to watch the surge of arousal to his brain when he hears that word. His body tenses, his toes curl, and his breath is taken away as he holds back the orgasm that is trying to push out his cock. I delight in the knowledge that he is denying himself the pleasure, that his body wants so bad, all because of me; because of my power over him. What started out as a strange concept to me has turned into something that I truly enjoy and something that heats up my arousal.

The beauty of orgasm denial is it's lasting effects on the guy.  You see, I get an orgasm but he does not. Once I have my orgasm I am relaxed and calm.  He, on the other hand, is brimming with arousal. It takes him a long time to calm down. It is torture for him to lay next to me but not be allowed to touch me. If I am feeling a little cruel, I will wait for him to calm down and then tease him a bit more and get him going again. Such fun!  He always wakes up the next morning with an erection.  We had a teasing session last night and he told me that he woke up several times through the night, fully aroused.  When he wakes up like that, he replays the evening events in his mind and his mind races with fantasies of me dominating and controlling him even more. This arouses him more.  My teasing continues even while I sleep! I love it!

-Mz Kaylee