Sunday, January 13, 2019

Posts and Comments

It makes me very happy that we have had so many people submit guest posts and that many of you are commenting on the posts. The comments are just as important as the posts. Often times it is in the comments where we learn the most and where there is discussion that make us think deeper into a subject. For me, comments are also rewarding and motivation to continue posting. It takes a lot of thought and time to write a good post and when I post something I am hopeful that others will see value in it and comment on it. I am sure the guest writers feel the same way.

I truly appreciate the contributions from our guest writers. It is great to read different views, perspectives, and ideas. Many of you have expertise and experiences in areas of FLR that I do not so it is fabulous to have others write about those things and to have readers comment on their experiences and thoughts in those areas..That is what Femdom Think Tank is all about.

Since we have had great guest posts and comments over the last few months, I've decided not to publish any new topic posts for the rest of January. Instead I'd like to request that everyone reread the past posts and comments and then submit a comment of your own about a post and also comment on someone else's comment. That's at least two comments that I want you to contribute. If from the discussion, you are compelled to write a post expressing your opinion on the topic, go for it! The only posts I will publish for the rest of the month are posts that tie back to one of the previous posts or discussions.

Lastly, one of my followers shared thoughts with me about Femdom Think Tank that really got me thinking and I'd to call out a few that really resonated with me and will hopefully encourage you to contribute in a positive way:

(1) Femdom Think Tank, in my opinion, should be not about just talking of experiences but moreover, translating those experiences (or other things that are talked about) into topics that pertain to the Femdom lifestyle and where it is going. 

I think this is a fabulous thought. The combination of both real experience and giving an opinion or advice about FLR based on that experience is very powerful and meaningful. 

(2) It's Femdom and should center around Women

Yes! When I started this blog my focus was on helping women discover and be successful in FLR.  That is still my main focus. I have to admit, initially I was not interested in hearing from men. However, there have been many thoughtful and insightful comments from men on the blog. Because of this I have learned that there is value from the comments from men and we (Women) can learn a great deal from their insights. I also recognize that by helping men, it translates to helping women. A man who is properly educated on FLR will be a better husband to his wife and can guide her towards the FLR lifestyle. So there is a place for the man's point of view on my blog but I also want to ensure the blog is female centered with the main focus on helping women. Therefore, I am going to institute a rule that the posts will be publish with a ration of 3:1 of female vs. male posts. That means I will only publish a post from a male after I have had at least 3 Female posts published. It is Femdom after all!

(3) People should share opinions about the lifestyle and there should be respectful debate between all sorts of view points; respect a valid opinions even if you do not agree; people have a right to think differently; everyone has their own world.

I love this. Share lots of view points! Please debate and debate respectfully and do not take a differing opinion personally. What is right for one couple may not work for another couple. I do not like to censor but I will not publish comments that are not respectful. Unfortunately there are a few bad apples who do not understand this which is why I am forced to monitor comments. Most of you are respectful in your comments and I appreciate that.  

O,K, Let's get to work reading and writing!

-Mz Kaylee


  1. Hi Mz Kaylee,

    I am rather new around here (a submissive husband) and I want to thank You for starting and maintaining this informative and fun blog (which I found through Dorinda's blog). Nothing beats real life stories and experiences, nothing. Except living them of course. I am reading through Your archived posts and I love it. I am quite astonished how much of what You say rings true for me. I cannot say that for all Femdom/FLR sites. Kudos.

    I think it was a great idea to start publishing guest posts. I can imagine how difficult it must be to keep coming up with new topics all the time.

    Just a thought: I hope that the 3:1 ratio in Female:male guest posts will not be too limiting for You. It is Your blog and whatever You say is the rule by definition. And personally, as a submissive male I am also more interested in the Female perspective. But my wild guess is You are getting more posts from male subs than Female Doms (while I hope I am wrong). And as You know, it takes two to tango; a dominant Female and a submissive male are usually equally needed for a fulfilling FemDom relationship even though the Woman is calling the shots. :-)

    In any case, I wish You all the best.

    1. Thank you Tom for your positive comments. As far as the ratio goes I am more interested in quality than quantity and I want to keep the blog centered on helping women embrace the lifestyle so I am not concerned about the ratio.

  2. Hello. My husband shares your blog with me. I love it and have found it very useful. I am not much for responding but since you asked for more female respondents I will try. I will only say now that I never thought a femdom lifestyle could be so natural and fulfilling for both of us - and especially me! ��

  3. That is fantastic Linda. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. As Her Alpha gets bigger, his beta gets bigger. She is the sun to his moon. His bliss. Without Her, he shrivels. With Her, he blooms. His submissiveness is a reflection of Her Dominance. She is his gateway to knowing the presence of God. Fullness of joy, peace, and love. He feels it, he craves it, he hungers for God’s fullness. And She feeds it to him.

    Every human being is self-centered. Our survival demands it. Many different words are used: The Curse, Human Nature, Egotism, Evil, Brokenness, Immaturity. “There is none righteous, no not one,” The Bible rightly declares. The Mistress feels this. She reflects, “It’s not really me; it’s his penis that he truly worships!” So very true! Yet, right at this point is that all important fork in the road. This is where the magic happens!

    The Alpha Male goes to the right; the beta male goes to the left. For thousands of years, kneeling before the Alpha Male, all women were raised to be betas. The Alpha Males became more alpha; the beta females became more beta. The male ego grew; the female ego felt repressed.

    Then came along a man named Jesus. He said, “He who would be greatest among you, must be servant (slave) of all.” He showed us how to do that. Sacrificial service. He called this Good News. He said, “When you are weak, then you are strong.” He said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God.” Beta men know this experience everyday!

    Rather than compartmentalize; beta men integrate. Everything they are — brains to balls, head to toe, will to wants — in all he is, he chooses to be Christ-centered; other-centered; Mistress-centered. He gives away all he is, and in return he discovers the true meaning of life. With nothing more to lose, he has everything! What the Alpha Male is hunting everyday, the beta male has everyday. What the Alpha Male never gets, the beta male always has. The beta male gives up all power, and ends up all-powerful. Completely empty, he feels completely full.

    Thomas Laval his written a great book(s) entitled “Dancing Backwards.” I suppose it is possible to read these books as just more tedious, boring, repetitive Femdom pornography. Please don’t short change yourself. Listen, and listen closely to Christopher’s internal dialogue. What you hear is everything I just said above. Kelly forces Christopher into a nightmare, dehumanizing existence; and how does he respond? With pure bliss. Echoes of Solzhenitsyn in the labor camp, or Wiesel in the concentration camp. Christopher is a fiction; Jesus, Solzhenitsyn, and Wiesel are real. But so are hundreds of beta males (thousands?) who testify to the best in the worst of circumstances. Over and over and over. This is God’s best trick: She/he reaches into the worst and pulls out the best! Another word for this is Easter. The Femdom Lifestyle is Good Friday and Easter, crucifixion and resurrection, pain and gain, acted out in marriages and homes across America daily. It is changing our world, slowly but surely.

  5. The World Belongs to Dominant Women

    This blog is dedicated to fantasy and reality of female domination. Dominant women are genuine goddesses who only need to become aware of their power that comes out of female domination … and the sky is the limit. Thus, they will find more submissive men who become most willingly their slave, servants and underlings who serve adorable goddesses in business, in private and public life. The world belongs to dominant women.