Monday, December 9, 2019

Why I Love My Submissive Husband

  1. On Sunday I woke up and a hot cup of coffee was waiting for me, made just the way I like it. That is an every day occurrence for me.
  2. I relaxed most of the day and watched TV while hubby did all his chores- laundry, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc.
  3. I had a few errands to do and he was my personal chauffeur. It's nice to not have to worry about driving.
  4. In the afternoon I cooked and baked. I do not delegate these activities because I enjoy them. However, the mess I make and all the dirty dishes are cleaned up by hubby. Baking is much more enjoyable when I don't have to clean up.
  5. He fills my car with gas and withdraws cash from the ATM for me for the week. I love that this happens every week without me telling him to do it.
  6. I tell him to get something out of my car for me. He jumps to it immediately without question.
  7. In the evening he showers and shaves (both face and balls) in preparation for our night routine. It's nice to have a smooth clean man in bed.
  8. Before bed he bathes me and massages me. After my massage I allow him to pleasure me. He gives me a fantastic orgasm without expecting one in return.
  9. After my orgasm, I send him to kneel naked in the corner. He has been good the past week so it is not a punishment but instead it serves as a reminder of his position in our marriage. 
  10. I drift to sleep while he kneels in the corner and reflects on his submission to me. Before he goes to bed he will let the dog out,  lock up the house for the night and turn off all lights.
Submissive men are great! If you don't have one you are missing out big time!


Monday, November 25, 2019

Pet Names and Alternate Personalities

"Pet" names are common in in relationships and very common in Wife Led Marriages (WLM). I am using the term 'pet' very loosely. In the context of this article, pet names refer to any name that you call your husband other than his birth name. For example, a few pet names I have for my husband are slave and slave boy.

In a WLM there are a few benefits to having a pet name for your submissive husband. First, referring to your husband with a pet name on a regular basis is a constant reminder of his position beneath you in the hierarchy of your relationship. When you have a pet in the house, the pet is at the bottom of the hierarchy. You are the owner of the pet and the pet is trained to be obedient and follow commands. Assigning a pet name to your husband, has this same connotation. Of course you need to make sure the name you choose appropriately conveys his inferior position. Some examples:

  • Pet, Puppy, Dog, Kitty, Kitty-cat
  • Slave, Slave-Boy, Puppet
  • Girl, Princess, Sissy, Baby-doll
  • Cutie, Cute Boy, Angel, Precious 

Another benefit of a pet name is that using it helps put your husband into submissive mode. When I say, "slave bring me a cup of coffee," it creates and instant response from Thomas and also creates an emotional reaction in him that surfaces his submissive feelings. It is a different feeling than if I were to just ask him to get me a cup of coffee.  Some names have a stronger impact than others. When I refer to Thomas as 'slave,' it most definitely conveys a message that his is beneath me and must obey. 'Slave boy' has an even stronger impact because the term 'boy' implies that he is my child and not a mature adult. Likewise, in the examples above, 'Sissy' is a much stronger word than girl. Calling a guy a girl suggests that he has feminine qualities, which may be embarrassing for a guy but as us women know, feminine qualities are a good thing and are good for guys to have. Guys with feminine traits are more accepted in today's world. On the other hand 'Sissy' implies weakness an inferiority and it is very humiliating and demeaning for a guy to be called a sissy. A wife who calls her husband a sissy will generate feelings of strong submissiveness and humiliation in her husband. I personally do not think names with strong negative connotations should be used on a regular basis.  However, they can be very effective when role playing for fun or for punishment. For example, as part of Thomas's corner time punishment, I could make him wear panties with the word Sissy embroidered on them and I could make him write a letter of an apology to me and sign it at sissy Thomas. Having him wear the sissy panties under his clothes at work would be another form of punishment. I've seen sissy panties for sale on Etsy that are super silky and frilly and definitely not something a woman would wear. They would make for a good punishment.

There are several terms that can be added to the pet names to make them even more inferior names. Examples include, 'little,', 'baby,' and 'boy.' You could refer to your husband as little boy, little Johnny, baby girl, little pup, or slave baby. Pet names can also be attached to a fetish. If your guy has a foot fetish, you could call him foot boy or toe licker. I think it's fun to use initials. You could call him WFF for "weak for my feet."  If your guy is into small penis humiliation, you could use names like peewee or baby boy or just use the word little in front of his name. Do not underestimate the power of these words. It is amazing the effect they can have on a submissive guy when used over and over again. I notice with my husband, simply saying good boy or good girl, put him in a submissive and obedient mood. It's like a switch flips in his mind when I reward him with a 'good boy' and he wants to listen and obey me even more. Sounds crazy but believe me, the effect is real.  Give it a try.

I recommend having multiple names that can be used in different situations. 'Slave' and 'Slave Boy' are the pet names I use on a regular basis. In fact, when he give me cards, writes me letters, and sends me texts he is required to sign them as either slave or slave boy. If there is a chance that the message can be seen (e.g. texting), he will use the initials SB. In addition to those names, I will often refer to him as 'girl' when he is acting silly or in a girlish way. I may refer to him as girl or princess when we are in the bedroom because I usually have him in panties. Most definitely when we are shopping for panties, I play the girl card. Other names I call him are 'pet' and 'toy' or 'boy toy'. I use pet when we are role-playing. 'Toy' and 'Boy-toy' are names I use when I want to be pleasured by him but don't want any of his drama and am not in the mood to play with him. He is a toy that exists to pleasure me. I may also come up with a name on the fly that I use just once or twice. Once when he was worshiping my ass with my tongue, I teased that he was a good ass kisser and brown noser. The next day when I saw him, I said, "there's my little brown noser," I know it sent his mind in a tizzy thinking about what he did the night before.

Creating an Alternate Personality
A powerful technique for tapping into his submission and exerting your power over him is to create an alternate personality that is associated with the a pet name. Often times this happens without you realizing it because pet names tend to be used regularly under the same situations so the husband becomes conditioned to react a certain way when the pet name is used. It is even more powerful (and fun) to formally create the alternate personality. You do this through role playing and establishing specific behavior expectations when the name is used. For a traditional couple, this role-play is just fantasy fun.  The great thing for the WLM couple is that as you role-play it over and over again, it transitions into that blended fantasy-reality world and it can lead to some fun, intense, mind blowing moments for the couple. In the WLM, the pet name can become a trigger that instantly surfaces the alternate personality.

This is a very powerful technique for the wife to use to break down barriers and push limits with her husband. The reason it is so powerful is that it is easy for a guy to let go of his inhibitions and forget about societal preconceptions when he is given permission to take on an alternate personality. It is similar to someone who puts on a mask or costume at a Halloween party or someone who takes on a role in a play. A person hiding behind a mask often feels more at liberty to do silly things and take on the personality of the mask. An actor in a play who embraces the role, has no issue being over dramatic and playing out the character role because he/she is expected to act that way. The same is true when you train your husband to take on a new personality. Once he drops into that tole, you will be amazed how what you can get him to do.

The fist time you give it a try it may seem silly but the more you play with it, the less silly it becomes and it turns into exciting and arousing fun. It is a lot of fun creating the alternate personality and it is also fun to resurface the personality whenever you want. Below are some specific examples:

As your toy, train him to be still and not move and not speak unless given permission. He pleases you only the way you order him to. As a toy, his pleasure does not matter. He is not permitted to cum as a toy and should not expect it. He exists solely to pleasure you. It is easy to train this personality. Simply have him lie on the bed, sit on top of him and say, "Tonight you are my toy. I am going to use you for my pleasure. You are not to move or speak and you will not orgasm." If you are in a more playful mood, you can drag it out a bit and tease his cock while you go over the rules. Then once all the rules are established go to work and use him for your pleasure. Be very direct in what you want him to do. If he does something without your permission, reprimand him immediately. For example if you are on top of him riding his cock and he starts to thrust, immediately command, "no thrusting toy!" Sometimes I like to add a physical reinforcement when I reprimand him such as pinching his nipples or punching him (my punches do not hurt him. It's more for effect). During the whole episode, refer to him as 'toy' as much as possible. When you are done you could say things like, 'thank you toy,' or 'I am done with you toy, calm yourself down.'

Remember, that the ultimate goal you are trying to accomplish is to create a personality and not just a one time fantasy play. You can do this simply by repeating the above episode over and over again and eventually he is conditioned to be your toy. You could also be more direct and let him know that going forward whenever you refer to him as toy, you expect that he behaves exactly as you trained him. The benefit to the personality is that you don't have to explain things every time. If you are in the mood to be pleasured and not wanting to deal with his neediness, you just say, 'toy, meet me in the bedroom,' and he will know what to do. "wham-bam, thank you toy!"

Creating an alternate female personality for your husband can be exciting. This is one that I like because there are so many facets to feminization that you can explore with your husband and you can explore just a little bit or go as deep as you want. The femme personality is also a great way to offset the macho male personality. If he is starting to act up and go back to bad habits, simply bring out the little girl in him and suddenly he is under your thumb and ready to obey. I do find that my husband is more focused on me and in good behavior when he is in panties. Building a female persona can be a great mind game for your husband and it is something that you can continually evolve over time.

It's best to build the personality when he is fully aroused and while you tease his cock. This reduces his resistance, makes it exciting for him, and links his pleasure to the feminization. Give him a female name. This is the mask that he can hide behind. Suppose you call him Tammy. You can tell him that you want Tammy to come out and play and that when Tammy is out, he needs to shed all his masculine habits and become more soft. This simple reframing from his male name to a female name allows him to step into the female role without guilt. When he is Tammy he is free to be feminine and when you are done with Tammy, he can go back to his boring old self and forget about Tammy.

I've used this a few times just to have a fun weekend. I'll say something like, I want this to be girls weekend. It's time to put Thomas away for awhile and bring out Tammy to play or I might say, I want to bring out the little girl in you this weekend.. Thomas gets excited by this and immediately drops into a docile and submissive frame of mind. He knows that the weekend will be filled with him wearing frilly and lacy lingerie. I will also bring out the female personality if his bad male habits begin to show. On occasion he will talk to me with a bit of attitude, which is never acceptable to me. I may tell him that his bad male side is starting to show and so I don't want to talk to Thomas and that I want Tammy instead. By the time I am done with Tammy, his attitude is completely changed and he emerges from being an obedient girl to a completely obedient boy.

Those are just a few examples. There are many other personalities you can develop such as a kitten, puppy, baby, or a slut. Make sure you keep it all in good fun. The techniques above are intended to spice up the relationship and are not a necessity of a WLM. I would love to hear what pet names you all use and if you have role played any personalities.

-Mz Kaylee

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Corner Time Follow-up

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on corner time. I started using corner time with my husband for both discipline and punishment. I often experiment with new things in my WLM and I am happy to report that corner time is one of those techniques that is working well for me and my husband. I like it because it is very easy for me to administer and it helps my husband stay focused on doing things correctly and to my satisfaction.

What has been working well for me is to review his behavior on a weekly basis and if there are things that require improvement, he is sent to kneel in the corner naked or in panties for a specified period of time. The amount of time depends on how many things require improvement and how bad the behavior was. I will usually lay in bed and read while he kneels quietly in the corner. This weekly routine makes it easy for me to provide feedback to him on his performance. I find that I am giving more feedback than what I previously was doing, which has helped him keep up with his chores and do them the way I expect. In addition to incorporating corner time into our weekly routine on occasion, if he does something really bad (like talk to me with an attitude), I will send him to the corner right away and not wait for the weekly routine. Fortunately I've only had to do this a few times.

I actually enjoy seeing him kneeling in the corner for me and I can tell it has an effect on him. It puts him into submissive mode. Something that many couples do is have maintenance spankings where the husband is spanked regularly as a form of discipline and to keep him focused on serving his wife and to reinforce his submission to her. I have done those in the past but spanking is just not something I stuck with on a regular basis. However, I am finding that corner time is much easier to do on a regular basis (well easier for me :) ). Therefore, I recently began incorporating "maintenance corner time" into our weekly routine. This means that each week he will be sent to the corner. If he has been good, it will be 5 - 10 minutes for him to meditate and get his mind into submissive mode for me. If he requires discipline or punishment then it will be 15 or more minutes of corner time. In talking to Thomas, I've figured out that 10 minutes is pretty easy and not much of a punishment, which is why punishment or discipline will always be at least 15 minutes.

I started the maintenance corner time a few weeks ago and it has been working out good. It keeps him in a good submissive space and helps him stay focused on doing his chores the right way.

-Mz Kaylee

Friday, October 18, 2019

Reality Check

After writing the last series of posts on the submissive craving, I feel the need to do a reality check. I don’t want people to think those posts represent the day-to-day life in a wife-led-marriage (WLM). There is a lot of fantasy, exaggerated dominance, and role play integrated into the concepts I wrote about.  Fantasy days, power trips, and boot camp are different tools that can be used to spice things in the marriage while also helping solidify the WFM.  They are fun ways to make it happen and are not activities that happen on a regular basis.

These activities quench the craving for dominance and control that submissive men desire. I recommend the wife to engage in these fantasy activities on occasion to help satisfy that desire and because of the many other benefits, which I outlined in my last post. The key words in the last sentence are “on occasion.” It is not practical or realistic for most people to live their life in an extreme dominant lifestyle. I also don’t think it’s healthy, nor is it how I would want to live. I don’t want my husband to be a mindless slave. I don’t want to make all the decisions in the house. I want a husband who is my friend and that I can have an intelligent conversation with, and that we can do things together and have fun.

A WLM is not about constant training, punishment, and discipline, and extreme strictness. These things are incorporated into the WLM but are not every-day activities.

The WLM is a mindset that the wife is head of household and has the right to final say in all decisions. The husband yields to the wife’s authority and works to please and satisfy her. The wife’s needs and desires have top priority but she leads the marriage with love and consideration for the husband’s needs and desires and the husband willingly serves his wife out of love and the desire to please her.   

That is the core of WLM. All the other details add the fun and spice to the marriage. Each couple is different and can define those details based on what they want. I hope that series of posts provided ideas that you can apply into your own marriage. Have some fun and give them a try. If you do, please comment and let us know how things went. Also, feel free to share your own ideas and experience.

-Mz Kaylee

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Submissive Craving - Boot Camp (Continued)


I know Thomas will wake up Friday morning with an erection and I know he will be eager and excited for his training. This is his fantasy world and he is on an erotic high. Per my orders, Thomas is up at 6 am on Friday and there is an envelope on the bureau with his morning instructions. He is to shower and shave and practice saying his mantra out loud up until 6:30. In my note I remind him to keep the collar and cuffs on, even in the shower, and that he is not to speak without permission. Included with the note is a very long list of chores. At 6:30 he is to start on the chores, doing them in order and checking each one off as he completes it. The list is exhaustive and pretty much includes cleaning every inch of the house. I even have a few fun tasks thrown in such as arranging my shoes neatly and refolding the panties in my drawer to be nice and neat.  Thomas will be working the list throughout the weekend in between the activities I have planned. He does not know this. He only knows that he is to work down the list until 8:30, at which time he is to start making breakfast and coffee for me so that he can serve it to me in bed at 9:00.

During breakfast he quietly and obediently rubs my feet and then I have him dress me for the day. No fetish wear for me today. I've already accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with fetish wear the night before. Today it's just shorts and a t-shirt for me. While he cleans up breakfast I do a quick inspection of the chores he has already done. This is boot camp so I am expecting perfection and looking for things to correct. It's amazing how many things you can find wrong when you want to. I quietly make a list and then review it with him. During the review his hands are cuffed behind his back and I lead hi, from room-to-room by his hard cock. In start in the living room and I read from the list of what needs to be corrected in that room. Then I place the list on an end table and have him read each item saying "I promise to do better at...[state the item]." I spank him with the riding crop after each item. It's mostly lighter teasing slaps but for things that I think are more serious, he gets a harder slap. I repeat the same process in each room. When we are done, I release his hands and send him off to correct the items.

While he corrects the items,  I relax and read through the list of rules and chores that he prepared in advance of boot camp. The nice thing about having him write out the list is there are many rules that I have created over the years, which I don't remember. Honestly, many of the rules were to appease his submissive nature and I did not pay much attention to after we initially established them. However, he remembers most of them and I am amused at several of the ones that I forgot about. For the most part he does a great job at following the rules and keeping up with his chores. However there are many that he could do better with and I highlight those for discussion later. I also add a few that he forgot about.

Next it is off to do some errands and lunch. The butt plug, a pair of silk panties, cock strap, and clothes are laid out on the bed for him to wear. Once properly dressed I remove his collar and cuffs and we are off. He chauffeurs me  around, quietly follows me in the stores and carries my bags. I instruct him to always remain a step or two behind me. I also let him know that going forward I expect him to follow that rule whenever we go shopping together. I swear his cock twitched in his pants when I said that :) We of course have to stop at Frederick's of Hollywood and browse the sexy lingerie. I pick out a sexy teddy for me to wear later and a few pairs of panties for him.

The rest of the day is more chores and him serving me and pampering me. In the evening I wear the newly bought teddy and have him put on a pair of the panties that I picked out. Then it's lots of teasing for him and lots of pleasure for me. I queen him and have an incredible orgasm while he is denied and left in a horny state. Thomas will tell me several days later that he did not sleep great during boot camp because he was so horny and charged up that he kept waking up with erections.  I loved hearing that!

Saturday follows a similar pattern as Friday. He wakes up aroused and then showers and shaves and starts on his chores. Then it's breakfast in bed, more chores for him, and me training him to correctly do the chores. In the afternoon it's more errands and shopping and in the evening, teasing and domination by me. When we are home he is naked and in collar and cuffs. When we go out it's panties, cock strap, and butt plug. I enjoy the ritual of removing and putting the collar and cuffs on him each time we leave and return home. I make sure to tease his cock a bit each time. When I put the items on him, I tell him "good boy" and tell him how sexy he looks in his collar and cuffs. When I take them off, I let him know that I can't wait until to put them back on again when we are home. I am purposely saying things like this to him to reinforce my control over him and acceptance of his servitude toward me. One thing I have learned over the years is that words have a strong impact on submissive men. They cling to them much more then the typical person and it really affects their emotions. Simply saying "I own you" or "your belong to me" has a deep emotional impact. Saying these things when they are in a highly submissive and aroused state has a multiplying effect. Words are very powerful and when used over and over again, I believe they can shape a persons thoughts and emotions.

I keep a very dominant and strict attitude with Thomas throughout the day. I incorporate spanking, corner time, kneeling, and lots of teasing into the training. Even when he is pleasuring me, I am very dominant and commanding with him, telling him what to do and being physically rough with him. By now, he is not the only one immersed into a fantasy world. I am riding on the high of being in control and really getting into the domination role. It's amazing how much you can get into it when you put the real world aside and dive into the fantasy.

On Sunday the focus shifts from him to me. The day will be about him serving and worshiping me. I want a nice breakfast at the table and I want to see fresh flowers on the table. I don't want to get up early so I give him permission to remove his collar and cuffs on his own when he leaves in the morning to buy the flowers. I come down at 9 am and everything is set perfectly and he has the flowers arranged nicely in a vase. This time I allow him to sit at the table and talk with me. It is a first step towards transitioning back to the real world. Although for him, he will ride the submissive high for many days after boot camp.

After breakfast he bathes me and massages me and then I order him to worship my body. He kisses every part of my body. With each kiss he tells me that he worships me and will always obey me.  It's a little over the top but as I said before, this is boot camp and boot camp is over the top. In his perpetually aroused and submissive state, I sense that this type of body worship has a hypnotic effect on him. I like it! In keeping with the theme, I present my ass to him and tell him to worship it. He must first recite his mantra while staring at my ass. I am amused by this and feeling so in control, like I own him. I make him worship my ass with his tongue for several minutes all while telling him how much I love it and how much I love that he serves me, is beneath me, and that this is how it is meant to be. My words are purposeful and meant to dominate him emotionally but also part fantasy. In my opinion words, actions, and attitude are much more powerful and impacting than physical domination.

Next I have him lay on the bed and I tease him to the brink of orgasm over and over again. It's easy to do in his super heightened state of arousal. While I tease him I tell him again how much I enjoy that he is my submissive slave and talk about how it will always be that way. This excites him even more. As a part of the teasing, I place a pair of my used panties over his face and have him worship my panties by taking deep breaths and inhaling my scent. I tell him that each time he breathes in my scent it makes him weaker and more under my control. I continue to tease his cock. Each time he hits the brink of orgasm, I stop and hold his cock and make him recite his mantra to me. With him on the brink and me still holding his cock, he must concentrate very hard not to cum. It is a great mind fuck and so much fun for me to tease him like this. I know he loves these mind games and that this will have an effect on him for weeks after. By the time I am done with him, his mind is complete mush. I leave the room and tell him to come down stairs when he has calmed down.

We go out for lunch. He still must wear the butt plug and cock strap when we are out of the house. He is so horny that the slightest touch from me, a strict tone, or dominant remark sets off his erection. What I enjoy about cock straps/rings, is that they multiply the arousal effect and make it last longer. At least that's what they do to Thomas. When he is wearing one and starts to get aroused, it is hard for him to stop the arousal and he usually ends up with a full erection. Then, because of the strap it take him a long time to calm down, Now add in the effect of the plug in his ass and he has no chances against the forces surrounding him. He has frequent erections while we are out. I have a little fun purposely saying things or giving him a little rub to set him off and then teasing him about how weak he is.

In the afternoon, he kneels before me naked while I sip a glass of wine. Now it's time to use the rules and chores list that he prepared prior to boot camp. I have him read the items on the list that I highlighted. As he reads each highlighted item, he must promise to do better. When he finished the list he promises me that he will continue to do an excellent job with the other items on the list. Finally, I hand him a pen and tell him a few more rules that will go into effect immediately and add a few more chores that he must do going forward. He writes them down on the list and then he repeats his mantra again. Are you seeing the theme here for Sunday - lots of worshipping me, mentally reinforcing is submission, and having him promise to do better. There is a lot of mental domination on Sunday.

His last big assignment for Boot Camp is to write me a letter. At least one page is to be focused on thanking me and telling me how lucky he is to be allowed to serve and obey me and at least one page is to be focused on how he promises to obey and serve me going forward and what he will do to make my life better. I let him know that he will read me the letter before bed and if it is convincing and I am pleased by it, he will earn back the privilege of wearing his wedding ring and being my submissive husband. In his frame of mind, I am sure I will get quite an interesting letter. I limit it to three pages to keep him from going too far off the rails. While he writes his letter, I relax and watch TV.

In the evening, as promised, he reads his letter out loud to me. I am sitting in a chair while he kneels before me wearing nothing but a cute pair of panties when he reads the letter. I enjoy his letter and some of the things he writes makes me laugh. I tell him he has earned back the privilege of being my submissive husband and can wear his wedding ring again. Before I place the ring on his finger, I tell him that the ring has new meaning compared to the first time I put it on him when we were married. Not only is it a symbol of our never ending love but it is also a symbol of his eternal submission and obedience to me. I have him pledge this to me before I place the ring on his finger.

I end the night and boot camp by queening him. In my opinion, queening is one of the most dominant things a woman can do to a man. Being on top of him,fully in control while he works diligently to pleasure me is liberating. It is a great way to end the session. I know he is horny and ready to explode but I decide not to allow him an orgasm. I want his horniness to spill into the week so that boot camp has a lasting effect on him. I feel like an orgasm for him at this point would totally wipe him out and would lessen the effects of boot camp. He will have to wait until the next weekend for his orgasm.

Boot Camp Conclusion
There it intense boot camp. This post was much more detailed and personal than what I usually write but sometimes the best way to explain things is to to tell the story and share actual experiences. Hopefully you get the gist of what can be done. You can go more extreme or less extreme depending on your comfort with it and what you want to accomplish but you do want to make sure your boot camp is more structured and intense then what you normally do. It's takes quite a bit of planning to make it effective. I thought the way I structured it into the three phases (breaking him down, intense training, and strengthening is loyalty and obedience), worked very well.

There are many benefits from boot camp. It was tons of fun for both of us and it quenched his submissive craving. It really was a fantasy come true for him. Aside from the fun, in the end he became better trained to serve me and more loyal to me. The effects were immediate. The first few weeks after boot camp, Thomas was wrapped around my finger and doing everything possible to please me. His loyalty to me and desire to serve me was so strong! Over time that effect wore off and I needed to use the typical discipline and motivators to keep him in line but there were some definite changes with his attitude and and how he served me and did chores that became a permanent part of his being.

Boot Camp also helped me become a better dominant wife. The experience made me more comfortable being in control of Thomas and I think I emerged a little more tougher, confident, and in control of my husband. Finally, we grew closer as a couple through the experience. When you experience something together that is so intense and intimate you can't help but get to know each other better and feel closer. It is a wonderful feeling.

I hope you enjoyed the post and I sincerely hope that you can take something from this series and apply it to your relationship.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Submissive Craving - Boot Camp

I saved this technique for last because it incorporates the concepts from my last two posts (fantasy days and power trips). Also, it is a more extreme approach. Women new to WLM may not be ready for something this extreme (but it's really not that extreme :). I'm sure there are many beginners whose dominance comes naturally or who are very comfortable in their sexuality and being dominant. If you fit into this category, then Boot Camp is a great way to kick start the WLM and establish the rules of the marriage going forward. In a growing WLM, Boot Camp can be used to elevate his obedience and servitude to a higher level. For example, perhaps you've reached a point where you are ready to kick things up a notch and have him take on more chores or you are ready to incorporate additional rules and expectations for him,  Boot Camp is a fun and effective method for taking your relationship to that next level. Finally, if you are in a mature WLM, then Boot Camp can be used to re-energize the WLM or whip your husband back into shape if he has started to slack off or has gotten too comfortable in the submissive role. Celebrating your wedding anniversary with a boot camp is also fun to do.

When you hear the term Boot Camp, you're probably thinking about military boot camp or if you are a fitness buff. maybe a fitness boot camp comes to mind. Boot Camp is associated with things like intense training, rigid structure, high expectations, and toughness. I always envision a drill sergeant giving orders and pushing trainees to their limits. When it comes to boot camp for your husband these same concepts apply. The idea is to put your husband through strict and intense domination and training over a period of several days.

While a military boot camp is tough, intense, and challenging to endure it is a positive experience because the recruits emerge physically and emotionally stronger and well trained. Likewise I want my boot camp to be both tough and a positive experience for my husband. My goals are to train him to serve and obey me exactly the way I want, strengthen his submission and devotion to me, and to quench his submissive craving. Boot camp is a fun way to do this. Trust me, boot camp is a fantasy come true for submissive men.

Before I go further into describing Boot Camp, I want to provide a little perspective into the wisdom I am about to pass on. I have only done Boot Camp with my husband twice. The first time it was pretty basic and mostly focused on me training him to do chores. I told him we were going to spend the weekend doing training. It was early in our WLM so I was still learning the ropes. The term Boot Camp did not come up until after it was over. Whenever we referred back to the training session we called it the Boot Camp weekend. The second time was many years later when I was a seasoned dominant wife and more comfortable in my role. I planned out several days of Boot Camp with the intent of improving his service to me and also blowing his mind with intense dominance and control. What I describe below is based on the second session because it is a much more comprehensive approach,  By no means do you need to do it all. Pick and choose what works for you based on where you are in your WLM.

There are many ways you can structure boot camp and endless activities you can incorporate into the training. They key is to keep your days structured and to elevate your dominance and expectations to extreme fantasy levels. For Boot Camp, I wanted get my husband to the point where he was obeying and waiting for the next order or task and not thinking on his own. I structured it into three phases. Phase 1 was to set the strict tone for the training and "break him down" to that point where he is just listening and obeying, phase 2 was intense training, and phase 3 was bringing him back to reality and strengthening his loyalty and obedience.

Pre-Boot Camp
There is prep work for him. Boot Camp will start Thursday after work and will last until Sunday. We will both take vacation days from work on Friday. At the beginning of the week I give him instructions that he is to make no plans Thursday - Sunday and that by Thursday he must make a list of all the current rules he is expected to follow and all chores and tasks that he is expected to do. I let him know that he will be punished for every rule or tasks that he forgets to include. I will use this list during boot camp. I also tell him that he must shave his genitals Wed night so he is nice and smooth for me and I want him to get a fresh clean haircut prior to training. Finally, I give him a mantra to memorize. I let him know that he is expected to recite it on command. I don't recall the exact mantra I used but it included things like he worships me and promises to obey me and serve me always.


I lay out work clothes for him to wear along with thong panties and a cock strap. I leave a note that I expect him home by 5pm. He is not to be late. If he is late, regardless of the reason, he will be punished. For him to be home by 5pm he has to leave work early. If he has meetings in the afternoon he will have to reschedule them. If he can not, then he must suffer my consequences of being late. If he is late because of traffic, too bad! This is a no excuse policy. This tough stance is designed to start setting the tone for the next few days and get his mind into submissive mode.

He arrives before 5pm and I am waiting for him in my latex mini dress, heels, and my hair pulled back. This look adds to the dominant tone and immediately shifts his mind into submission. I can see the results immediately in his body language and the bulge in his pants. He is so easy! I order him to strip in the living room. I even take his wedding ring from him and let him know that for the next few days he is nothing but a slave to me and will have to work to earn back the privilege of being my submissive husband.

Next, I have him stand naked in the middle of the room for an inspection. Before the inspection begins, I attach leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and put a collar around his neck. I start the inspection by tracing my hands all over his body and circling him slowly while I view my property. He is not allowed to speak during this. There is a lot of groping by me and I pinch his nipples. It's basically me enjoying my property while I make comments like, "my property." "you belong to me," and "so nice." I also order him to do things like spread his legs wider (I'll firmly kick his foot outward when ordering this), put his hands behind his head, hold his arms out, and bend over. During the inspection most things are good but I point out a few areas that need improvement such as trimming his nails and eyebrows. I note these on my punishment list and then retrieve my riding crop. While he is still in position with his hands behind his head, I give him a few firm swats on his ass and make him promise to take care of the things I pointed out that need improvement. I then place the crop under his balls and gently rub them with the crop. I tell him I am pleased at how smooth his balls are but that I notice a few hairs. I give his balls a few light taps with the riding crop and tell him he needs to take care of that before he goes to bed. "Yes Goddess," he replies. Finally, I command him to recite the mantra the he has memorized. He is able to do it but he stumbles a bit and misses a few words. I give him a several swats with the riding crop and tell him he needs to improve. I expect him to recite it exactly as written, without hesitation, and with enthusiasm. I want the words to flow naturally and not as if he is reciting something he just memorized. He will achieve that before the end of Boot Camp. No excuses.

With my inspection over, I go over a few rules for the next couple of days. Some of the rules he already knows but since it's boot camp, I re-state them to remind him of my authority over him. I begin to lightly stroke his cock with the riding crop as I give the first rule, "no cumming without my permission...and I don't plan to give permission anytime soon. Understood?" He responds with a "Yes Goddess." My second rule is that during training over the next few days he must always respond to all orders and commands from me with "Yes Goddess, I exist to obey you."  It's a little over the top but that's what boot camp is all about.  Out of habit he responds with "Yes Goddess" and he immediately gets a hard swat of the riding crop and I firmly correct him, "Yes Goddess, I exist to serve you." He starts to apologize and I spank him again and repeat "Yes Goddess I exist to serve you." He finally wises up and just repeat those words. I acknowledge his response by saying, "Those are the only words you need to say," Then I give the next rule, "you will not speak at all unless I ask you a direct question or I give permission or you are acknowledging my orders and commands."

I go through a few more rules with him while I slowly circle his body and trace the crop over his ass, cock, and balls, giving a few slaps and spanks here and there. My tone is firm and authoritative. I purposely look for things to correct him on as we go through this exercise. His is not standing straight enough, he is not speaking loud enough, he needs to respond with more enthusiasm, etc. I do this purposely so that he is feeling my power and authority and does not have time to think for himself. I want him in the mindset of just obeying every command I throw at him.  The effect on him is noticeable. He is fully aroused, submissive, and ready to obey. I can tell he his having a difficult time listening as the pleasure and submissive feelings wash over him. He is exactly in the mindset I want him to be in.

I am also in different mindset at this point. I am aroused and feeling the power. I sit on the couch, spread my legs and order him get on his knees and to orally pleasure me. I am very forceful and dominant with him while he pleasures me. When I have had enough. I forcefully push him away and tell him I am done with him. He is breathless. I love it! While I recover from my orgasm, I order him to remove my heels and then he kneels before me while I order takeout dinner.

I decide to have Thomas pick up the dinner rather than have it delivered. This will give me a few minutes alone to collect my thoughts for the rest of the evening. I remove his collar and cuffs and have him wear a butt plug, cock strap, and panties under his clothes. I pick out a t-shirt and gym shorts for him to wear. For the next few days he will have no choice in what he wears. I will pick out everything. I let Thomas know that during Boot Camp he is to always be in a collar and cuffs when in the house and whenever we leave the house he is to always have a butt plug in. The routine will be that when we leave the house he will insert the plug, put on the cock strap, and then wait for me by the door. I will remove his collar and cuffs. When we return to the house, he will immediately strip naked and stand facing the wall next to the door and wait for me to re-collar and cuff him. He is not permitted to go any further into the house until this happens. Then he can remove and clean the butt plug and cock strap.

When Thomas returns with the food and he is naked and cuffed again, I order him to set the table just for me and prepare my plate. He will be serving me and not eating with me. I have him stand at attention next to the table while I eat. On command he fetches me drinks, cuts my food, and refills food on my plate. I take many opportunities to fondle and tease him while he serves me. In between commands he stands quietly at attention and listens to me talk about how good the food is and how much I am enjoying him serve me. After awhile I allow him to kneel next to me and I feed him some of the food every now and then. I must confess, feeding him while he knelt beside me was quite erotic and a big turn on.

After dinner he cleans up while I relax on the couch and watch TV. Then he is off to run me a bath.  He bathes me, massages me and then pleasures me again before bed. Our first night of Boot Camp is over and he is broken down and in complete submissive mode and I am feeling very much in control.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Submissive Craving - Power Trips

There are many things I do that send a clear message to my husband that I have authority over him. In this post, I'll refer to these actions as Power Trips. I think that's a fitting description since it is about me wielding my power over my husband. Power Trips come in many forms. It can be firm orders commanding him to do something, a demanding discipline session, a harsh punishment, aggressive sexual play, or fantasy play where I tease at how I own him and that he must obey me.

Sometimes a Power Trip is done with serious purposeful intentions. For example, if I feel Thomas is slacking off in his chores or becoming lazy, I may take a strict and serious tone with him and order him to immediately address the issues. I may take it further and point out small little things that need to be improved with his chores and I may even add a few additional tasks that I want him to do in the next day or two. The benefit of a WLM is that I can spout out orders and not have to worry about him arguing. He obeys without question. This is a bit of an extreme approach and it is purposely done to to correct his laziness and improve his behavior. It also serves a dual purpose of quenching his submissive craving, Yes, believe or not, submissive men enjoy and desire this tough and demanding approach. Thomas always gets an erection when I do this.

I also use Power Trips to remind him of my authority over him, which of course brings out his deep submissive nature. My fellow Goddess wives, if you want to try something fun, plan out a day for your husband and then tell him in a very direct and commanding tone what he is going to do for the day. The key is to be commanding and not ask or be polite. It could go something like this, "Thomas, I have a few things that need to be returned to Kohls. After breakfast you will return them for me and then you will pick up a few things at the supermarket for me. Once you get home, you will do all your chores before dinner. After dinner plan on running me a bath and I expect a massage afterward."

It is fun for me to hit Thomas with demands like that out of the blue. The instant change in his demeanor when I do this is exciting to watch. He gets excited, submissive, and aroused all at once. He becomes an instant loyal slave who can not wait to serve me and his submissive craving is being fed by me. I am still amazed at how simply changing my tone and attitude can have such an impact on Thomas. Ladies, if you have not done this with your submissive husband, you must give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Last week I peeked into the living room to make sure Thomas was not sitting in my chair. He was not, but I let him know that I was checking on him. Doing little things like that to make sure he knows you are enforcing rules is another purposeful power trip that keeps him on his toes.

Then there are the Power Trips that are more fun and fantasy but also remind him of his place beneath me. When he is begging to cum, I may tell him how weak he is. I enjoy teasing his cock to the brink of orgasm over and over again, while telling him things like I own him, I love that he is my slave,  and that he needs to obey me and please me if ever wants to orgasm again. One of the biggest Power Trips is to tease him until he begs for orgasm and then tell him 'no.' When we first started our WLM it was fun to do this but it was not easy being tough. I would often give in. In fact, years later Thomas would admit that I was somewhat predictable when I would allow an orgasm. That predictability went away once I got my feet wet in WLM and learned that being denied orgasm is actually a rush for him, I became very good at denying him and I now enjoy having that power over him and I also get a rush from it. It is so much fun for both of us when I get him all worked up and then have him pleasure me to an orgasm but he gets none. Thomas can no longer predict when I will allow him an orgasm. Sometimes he goes months and sometimes he goes weeks and every now and then he might get one within a few days. I absolutely love teasing him like that and he loves the mind fuck from it all.

Another fun Power Trip is to take complete control during sex and be very dominant and aggressive with him.The queening position is great for this or having him kneel and perform oral on me. In the past year I've become much more aggressive with him during oral sex, squeezing my thighs tight around his head or pushing his head into me. Let's just say he's been having a hard time breathing down there. :). What's crazy is that the more breathless he is, the more aroused he gets. I must confess, oral sex has gotten hotter with us in the last few months.

Sometimes during sex (I am on top), I order him to remain still and not thrust. He is supposed to always remain still during sex or while I tease him unless I tell him otherwise. He is pretty good at following this rule but sometimes his natural instincts kick in and he starts to thrust. I will allow it on occasion if it is feeling good for me but others times I will reprimand him and tell him to remain still. Even when he is still, it is fun to order him not to thrust just to reinforce my authority over him. Whenever I give the order to not thrust or for him to remain still, something changes in him. His arousal suddenly spikes and it becomes harder for him to repress his orgasm. Another great mind fuck just by saying a few words!!

Power Trips are a lot of fun for me but also drive him wild and help to appease his submissive craving. As you become experienced in WLM, you'll find that often times you'll naturally go into Power Trip mode or sometimes it will be a spontaneous activity. It is also fun to plan a fantasy Power Trip every now then to spice things up and to remind him of his proper place beneath you. If you are a woman who is new to WLM, planning frequent Power Trips is a must! It is a great way for you to get comfortable in the dominant role while having fun.

I would love to hear what Power Trips you have all experienced and what are your favorites.

-Mz Kaylee.